Log a No Access Reason

If you have been unable to make an appointment with the property owner or have been unable to gain access to the property then a no access reason can be logged.  

The No Access button can be found in the Inspection Overview page.

When you are ready to log a No Access reason, tap on the inspection row in the Inspections list to present the Inspection Overview page.  Tap on the ‘No Access’ button:

A list of No Access Reasons is presented:

The No Access options are 

  1. Called insured – no answer.
  2. Called insured – no answer, left voice mail.
  3. Called insured – no answer, left voice mail, knocked on door and left card.
  4. Contacted agent regarding no answer from insured, no answer, left voice mail for Agent.
  5. Called, emailed, left voice mail and knocked on door, no response from insured.
  6. No gate code or no access granted to gated community.
  7. Wrong or no contact number for Insured.
  8. Insured is unaware of inspection and wants to clarify with Agent.
  9. Incorrect area assigned.
  10.  Insured is away – extension required.
  11. Insured stated policy cancelled.
  12. Duplicate inspection.
  13. Missing/incorrect property address.

To select a No Access reason, simply tap the row.  A dialog is displayed asking you to confirm your selection:

Tap Yes to confirm or tap No to cancel. 

If you tap Yes, an entry will be added to the History table detailing the date/time, your user details and the No Access reason.  The inspection will now be removed from your current inspection list and put into On Hold status.

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