The Inspection List shows a column for Inspection Type.  To make the list easy to read the inspection type is displayed as an abbreviation.  Here's the list of inspection types that each letter refers to :

  • A             All Inclusive Inspection   
  • B++         Basic with RCE & Interior Photos    
  • B+           Basic with RCE  
  • B             Basic Inspection    
  • BR           Builders Risk/Course of Construction    
  • EF           Excess Flood

Note:  The inspection type full name, not the abbreviated letter, is displayed on the inspection report - either open the PDF or just click on the policy number on the main list of inspections.

Photo Requirements For Inspection Types

There is a photo requirement for inspections, this is dependent on the inspection type:

  • A      All Inclusive Inspection  - requires interior and exterior photos
  • B++  Basic with RCE & Interior Photos - requires interior and exterior photos
  • B+    Basic RCE  - requires only exterior photos
  • B      Basic Inspection - requires only exterior photos    
  • BR    Builders Risk/Course of Construction - requires only exterior photos    
  • EF     Excess Flood - requires only exterior photos

RCE Requirements For Inspection Types

Some inspection types require a RCE report to be run for the inspection before it is completed:

  • A      All Inclusive Inspection  - requires RCE report
  • B++  Basic with RCE & Interior Photos - requires RCE report
  • B+    Basic RCE  - requires RCE report
  • B      Basic Inspection - RCE report not required
  • BR    Builders Risk/Course of Construction - RCE report not required  
  • EF     Excess Flood - RCE report not required

If you try to complete an inspection of type A, B++ or B+ without running a RCE report you will prevented and an advisory message displayed.

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