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Creating Inspection Tags

Instructions for Inspectors - Creating Inspection Tags

Inspection tags are available to inspectors to group and filter your own inspections. Tags must be first created by a Web Console user with admin rights.

If you do not have admin rights to the console, then ask your Inspection Manager to log in and create the inspection tags you require. Then you can assign tags to your inspections and use the inspection tags filter.

Instructions for Admin Users - Creating Inspection Tags

Log in as an admin user and use the Admin>Manage Inspection Tags menu:

In the Manage Inspections Tags page you can:

  • View the list of tags for your account

  • Create new tags

To add a new tag, press the + button to display the Add Tag box:

Enter a name for your tag and press the Add button. The tag name will now be displayed in the Manage Inspections Tags list. It will also be available in the Inspections Menu

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