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Accessing Completed Inspections

Once you set an inspection to completed, it is removed from your Inspection List in the iOS app, only inspections with the status New or In Progress are displayed.

Completed inspections can still be accessed and updated in the Web app.

How to View Completed Inspections

Both inspectors and administrators can retrieve a Completed inspection. Log into the Four Site web app and go to your Inspections list in the Home page:

Inspections can have different statuses depending on the progress of the inspection. Different filters can be applied to the Inspections list by pressing the status buttons in the Inspections Menu:

Press the ‘Completed’ button to filter your inspection list to display only those inspections with that status.

Find the inspection in the Completed list and click on the ‘Go’ link. This will open the inspection and allow you to view and edit it.

Note - the status of the inspection will not change when you edit it and it will remain as Completed. This means it will not be displayed in the iOS app.