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Inspection List

The Inspection List displays your current work, allowing you to search for, sort and access an inspection.

The Inspections page displays your current work, making it easy for you to view all your inspections that require attention.

In the Inspections page, you can:

  • View, sort and search the list of inspections.

  • Access an inspection for viewing and updating details.

Inspections List

The Inspections list displays the inspections assigned to you with an overview of each inspection:

  • Policy Number – Displays the policy number.

  • Name/Address – Displays the name and address of the policy holder.

  • Status – Displays the status of the inspection. The status can be New, In Progress, On Hold, Completed or Overdue.

  • Type – Displays the inspection type.

  • Flag – As there is a time limit to complete inspections the flag gives you an easy to view identifier to the inspections that need most attention. Check out the article on Inspection Flags for more detail.

Search and Sort

You can search and sort the inspection list, making it easier for you to find a particular inspection.

Check out these articles to find out how to search for an inspection and how to sort your inspection list.

Accessing an Inspection

Tap anywhere on the inspection row to access an inspection. The inspection will be displayed showing the Inspection Overview page.