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To perform a RCE (Replacement Cost Estimator) valuation on the property, go into the inspection and tap on the RCE button in the Tab Bar. This will display the RCE page:

It shows the questions that need to be completed to carry out the report.

Note: If you have previously performed a RCE valuation on the property then the existing values will be inserted into the fields. These can be edited.

The list goes beyond a page so you will need to scroll up or down to see all questions. Complete all fields in the page and then press the Calculate button:

Once the report has generated, values will be added into Cost (Total Rebuild Estimate) and Diff (Difference fields). The detailed figures from this report will be displayed in the Inspection report PDF.

Note: If a difference of more than 15% is found it will be highlighted in red and will be flagged in the Inspection report PDF.