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Changing an Inspection

To view and/or change details of an inspection, go into the inspection and tap on the Inspection button in the Tab Bar.

The inspection page displays details of the property provided by the insurance company and any amendments made by you:

Inspection Items

The inspection is broken down into items that require to be checked by you e.g. Dwelling Type, Floors, etc. There are 2 fields for each item:

  • Agent Value: the information provided by the insurance company is displayed in the top box for each item. This value cannot be changed.

  • Inspector Value: Any details that you find to be incorrect or missing can be entered into the Inspector Value field, which is the second white box with an arrow > at the side:

Edit an Inspector Value

If you want to add or change a value of an item tap on the arrow >. This displays a page allowing you to select or type a new value, along with an option to flag the change.

There are various types of fields that are used in the Inspector Value:

  • Date

  • List

  • Number

  • Character

After entering/selecting the new inspector value tap the Policy Number link or Back link in the top left corner. You will be returned to the Inspection page and the number value will be inserted in the Inspector Value field.

Flagging Items in an Inspection

When inspection items are missing or have incorrect information you may want to highlight this as a concern for the insurance company. Each inspection item has a flag option and this can be used to highlight changes:

Switch the button to on to flag the item: